Thursday, June 25, 2009

Workshop name FAIL

Since I will be returning to Shah Alam the day after tomorrow, I asked my dad to send the car to be serviced.

My dad, who had a previous upsetting event with EON Service Center, sent the car out to a regular joe's workshop to be serviced.

To his surprise, however, he noticed that the regular joe's workshop turned out to be quite popular among the locals.

After servicing the car, he again was pleasantly surprised that the service was far better than EON Service Center's. It took him less than two hours for the car to be completed, compared to EON's, it will take half a day. It costs less too. He then showed me the receipt to prove it to me.

RM56 for oil engine lubricant, rm8 for oil filter change, rm6 for reverse lamp bulb change, and rm10 labor charge, total RM80. Not bad. At EON's they would jack the price as high as the rainbow. The service would easily reach a hundred ringgit something. No wonder people prefer to send their cars here to be serviced.

But then when I took a look at the name of the workshop, I have another reason why the workshop is popular.

The name of the workshop is


Take the initials out, then it becomes


Enough said.


Nur Nadirah Shamsuddin said...

Aku cm x phm la cmne ko leh nmpk bnde2 cmni...

Is this God given gift or what ahaha

Ko ni org tu dh kasi servis baik lg murah lg nk byk bunyi!! ;p

axer713 said...

Pe la ko safwan.. x bersyukur pe...???

tapi bab ASS tu... mata ko terang je ek...??? ko suke nengok ASS org lain ke...??? hahaha...

safwan said...

bersyukur la ni....
siap aku tulis dlm blog lg nih...hhuhuh..

to axer: ass betul dan ejaan ass adalah 2 benda berbeza.

p.a.n.a ★ ใกใ‚ƒใ‚“ said...

tah pape la ko ni safawn..
tak baik tao..

customer tak tau sbb ass la kedai joe tu laku..
melayu laktu..

ko ni..
kimi wa saite!

axer713 said...

ye la.. tapi ko nak menerangkan benda tersebut kan...???

aku paham 2 makne perkataan tersebut...

nashrah khan said...

haahaha if i were u, i xkan prasan lgsg. x baik ade buruk prasangke kat org hehehe

Mc Izzy said...

wahaha..what a name for a popular workshop ;p

GeekBoy said...

wakakakakkakakakaaaaaaaaaaa.. (gelak sampai pecahh perut dan abdomen2 lain).