Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Now we know why

Last month, I wrote about types of drivers I hate.

I received a comment from a good friend of mine, Afnan. He said there's a type of driver he hates in Kelantan, which are Pak Hajis.

Typically, they're old people wearing Serbans or Kopiahs, and some of them are experiencing deteriorating eyesight.

Personally, I kind of agree with him.

In Terengganu, Pak Hajis are walking, riding or driving nightmares. One might never know when these people might pop into the middle of the road and act like we are doing 20 km/h when in fact we are slamming on the brake praying to God we don't run over them.

One Pak Haji that I ever had the misfortune to have encountered was last two days. I had to tail behind this One-Day-More-To-100-Years-Old Pak Haji in his car, driving in the MIDDLE OFF THE ROAD. People from the opposite side of the road had to swerve past him dangerously and I could've sworn I saw them cursing to him as I past them. I gave him a long honk and high beam to him from behind and overtook him the second I had the chance. God knows what could've happened if I didn't...

I think I have the explanation for this matter.


While I was running errands for my parents, I parked my car beside a Pak Haji. I noticed that his car had this sticker on his fuel tank.

As you can see here, this car is powered by Iman.

When regular drivers like us are running low on fuel, we can just calm down and look for gas stations nearby.

But in this Pak Haji's case, if he's running out of his Iman, he doesn't have to look for gas stations. He can just do this while driving instead.

Hence taking both of his hands off the wheels and eyes of the road.


Ayda Abu Bakar said...

pih kata, b*wwrr**ttttt~~~

kena panah petir mu kekgi wang..bak ah

Ayda Abu Bakar said...

tanye pekdah bila dia nak return kekda pnye digicam..
wat harta shooting gambo utk blog mu laa tu jawabnye..hahaha

qieynah said...

me wants to sing ah....iman xdapat dijual beli, ia tiada ditepian pantai....lalalalla...smbil kedua tgn mnggenggam antara satu sama lain

kayNe said...

when was the last time i call u a genius?

ur a genius. period. hahahaha

HEROICzero said...

die x kesah pon ape jadi kat dia.. iman inside.. sure selamat.. kalo ko, xtaw la.. -p

HEROICzero said...
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p.a.n.a ★ ใกใ‚ƒใ‚“ said...


Mc Izzy said...

wahaha..funny indeed!! ;D

Firdaus... said...
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Diyana said...

What to learn from Pak Hajis :
Be patient on the road
Pray to God
Anger management

What not to learn from them :
Driving 20 km/h
Not looking at the road
Taking your hands off the steering wheel while driving
Endangering other road users
Using the road selfishly

HEROICzero said...

ko langgar je kot diorg tu.. hahaha.. tp kesian la plak dow..

Adil, your hero

abdul said...

to kekda:

harap2 dok la....x kawen lg weh!
dia kata tnggu apih blk dia kirim kat mu.

to kinah:

ade ulterior motifkah disebalik nyanyian itu....??

to kayne:

thx kayne!

to adil:

tu la pasal. mati pon syahid, kan?

to pana:


to mcizzy:

glad u likde it..:D

to diyana:

dem right!

to adil:

Takde duit aku nk langgar diorg dow! ingat murah ke duit kopi diorg tu.....

safwan said...

oh dem! that was me replying to ur comments above. that was supposed to be my secret second google account.

Indescentdecendant said...

ko memain ngan barangan iman inside safawan...
bahaye weh...

Anonymous said...

kah kah kah gle kantoi..


the devil's tongue said...

haha..never know u got so many attention from ur FANS with my idea brought up as a post..proud i am..

i must confess, and i believe others are on the same ship with me, i am ur kipas-susah-mati with ur blog..

enough praising...let's back to ur topic.

my testimonies:

1- abe haji thinks he is the member of heaven, even the hell spits others (the road user) back, approach with caution!

2- if cars can be fueled with iman, everybody akan pegang buah tasbih,smayang lima fact, shell+petronas+esso will be governed by the religious institution..

3- i think most of hajis drive weather mcm siput sedut, xdok tomakdinoh kato ore aku raso meme pok aji ni kure aja bowok keto..

4- samaada mu ni pening lalat,atau pown jz plain genius..sanggup mu pukul gmbr mcm2 jz for the sake of blog..kalah raja petra mu are really a true blogger..

5- bley aku mencapub di blog lebey baik mu buat link ke blog aku...haha...endorse blog aku...kua2!