Monday, May 4, 2009

Goodbye, Auf Weidersehen, Adieu, Sayonara, Adios, Permisi dulu ya pak?

Tomorrow is the day most TESL students look forward to.

It's the last paper of the exam.

PTE subject. (Principles of Testing and Evaluation)

Good luck to all! It's our last struggle, yo!


This semester has been the most coolest semester I have ever had, bar none.

Of all assignments I ever had to do, MTLS Creative Project was among the assignments I thoroughly enjoyed. Surrounded with positive vibes from positive people, making Boink! from ground up was a blast. Nashrah, Firdaous, Mary, and Ruqayyah, thanks for the experience. Hopefully, Dr Z likes it and considers to take it to IID competition. (International Invention and Design Competition).

Sure, the subjects this semester have not been any easier.

Japanese Language still manages to screw me over and over again. PTE with Dr Chan was a testtakers' nightmare (Structured question for 20 marks per question?FTW????). Stuttered a lot when I became the Chairperson for the meeting, nearly barred from taking Counseling Theories Final Exam, and fucked up 50 marks during Career counseling Final exam because I confused Super's Life Span Life Approach Theory. I gave vocational tasks instead of vocational stage.

Honestly, I do not expect my GPA and CGPA to get any higher than last sem. But if it does go down, I'm goin down swinggin.

With that said, I need to resume studying PTE.

Need to resume my minor Jihad.

I will go back home on the 6th of May, and will miss the Pot Luck Nashrah organized. I really wanted to go...

Bye bye everybody! Minna san, sayonara! Adieu! Auf Weidersehen! Adios amigos! Sawardekap! Chiao! Permisi! Anaheyo! Aloha! Mak salamah! jai jien! (men pajak je yg mandarin ngan korea tu)

InsyaAllah, I'll see you guys again next semester.


hajar :: aisyah said...

gud luck n hv a safe journey home.
will miss ya!!

qieynah said...

gud bai jua buat bro bear.....ailabiu....

FirDaOus FaDziL said...

ala.. lke nashrah said, there's always next semester.. xpe, safe journey my fellow boinker! have a great hols! BOINK! BOINK!

Ibrahim said...

"A minor jihad"

I believe in the same way. Not expecting to lose, but if it is ever fated, wish that it's a fair lose.

Ps. Happy Hols!

GeekBoy said...

mak salmah??????? :/