Friday, May 29, 2009

How I dealt with a poltergeist.

If you've read my previous entries, you'll probably would've known by now that I pretty much wasted this long semester holidays. Instead of doing something constructive and money making, I play Ragnarok Online game.

That game is friggin addictive! Far more addictive than Mafia Wars.

I thoroughly enjoy playing that game to the extent that I messed up my sleep cycle playing that game.

There was this one day I drank three glasses of coffee WITHOUT SUGAR just to stay up till morning playing that game. Ever since that day, I sleep at 6 am after Subuh Prayer, wake up at 1 p.m for Zohor, play the game till 6 am, then sleep. I've been repeating this cycle since the start of the holidays.

When you stay up through the night, you'll get to see stuff. Fishy Stuff.


While I did enjoy playing that game, what happened last two nights totally scared the hell out of me.

After returning home at around 11pm from 7-11 buying a can of Nescafe Ice, I immediately played the game. Playing game with coffee on the side, it can't be any better than this.

It was 3 a.m. My can of coffee is half drunk. It stayed on the side of the table the whole time. I was feeling a bit thirsty, so I went to grab it.

The can of coffee somehow GLIDED OUT OF MY REACH and stopped at about 30 cm from where it was supposed to be. I was so damn thirsty I just grabbed the can and drank it till it was empty, only noticing what had just happened a minute later.

That was creepy. That can of coffee should not have moved. Hell, by laws of physics, it couldn't have moved!


Whatever happened to all static object will remain static or moving object will remain moving unless external force is applied????

This is not funny.

I just drank the ghost.


It was creepy.

I recited some Doa, and while I was reciting the Doa, I remembered that I hadn't performed Solat Isya' yet. So I performed my Wudhu' and performed Solat Isya' at 3 am.

After giving the Final Salam, another strange thing happened. The door to the living room suddenly shook and rattled as if somebody's trying to get in.

It was 3 a.m and somebody's coming? That's a whole lotta BS.

It must've been the mates of the ghost that I just drank coming to take revenge on me.

So I turned on the TV, set the channel at MTV. Pussycat Dolls' "When I grow up" was in the air.

God, I hate that song.

But I didn't change the channel. I was too lazy to bother reaching for the remote next to my mouse.

Then, the door shook again. This time, it was LOUD. I guessed they meant business.

I ignored the door and raised the volume.

As suddenly as the door came shaking, it was just as sudden that the shaking door subsided.


I didn't know GHOSTS HATE Pussycat Dolls as much as I do.


Nadzrah said...

dunno whether to laugh or afraid.

p.a.n.a ★ ใกใ‚ƒใ‚“ said...

i was lafing frm 'i drink da ghost' part till 'ghost hates when i grow up'

ko, aina..
pasni sape lak yg mereka melawat..
mintak2 dijaohkan

pas pcd nyanyi, sape lak yg nyanyi?
antu tu snyp tak pastu?

Ayda Abu Bakar said...

ye dok mu kat umah antu?
nawok dok caye

Diyana said...

I'm going to put my hands on both of my cheeks and go:


Yeap, RO is friggin' addictive. I played it a lot.... until I lost y pendrive.

Whoa! Creepy. Are you sure your bro didn't tie a transparent string to it and move it in the dark to scare you?

That door shaking thing was scary. n my house, when I open my bedroom door, the bathroom door opens a bit as well. Scary huh? It's common thing in the house. Must be the wind kot. Or some sissy burglars want to break in to your house but chickened out due to PCD loudness.

safwan said...

to nadzrah:

tu la. aku pon konfius dow bila pikir2 balik. hahha

to pana:

pas pcd, britney nyanyi circus. hantu tu syp lepas pcd. aku rase dia tak ske gak kat britney kot. sama spesis.

to kekda:

mane la tau hantu ke ape... tapi yg tu la org rase.....

to diyana:

my bro tgh cuti, my lil sis sound asleep dlm bilik. ade string pun i could've felt it....

sissy burglar? that wouldn't be the first time...hahahaha....

HEROICzero said...

aku rase kalo ko lepas smayang, tgok VC pussy, mesti hantu suke..


tapi aku pon rase gk, kdg2 umah aku ade hantu..gagaga..

pussy di sini bermaksud pussycat dolls

kakkOi Haru said...

u make the story unscary le ! nak gelak lg adalah . x]

keainuren said...

u know, some movies do show that 3 a.m is the time where "u know what" get busy....

safwan said...

to adil:

aku tak tgk pon aku smbg blk men gem. dah malas layan. hahah

tak perlu explain. ku tau. hahaha....~

to ima:

dah camtu yang terjadi....nk wat camne...hahaha

to vel:

get busy as in sean paul's "get busy"?


no wonder they're feisty..hahaha

Azie Nazri said...

HAHAHAHAHA that was funny. drinking a ghost?? HAHAHA

jangan lupa ayat qursi n ayat2 3 kul sebelum tido. :)

safwan said...

serius freaked out after drinking it. takut sembelit esok hari.

nasib baik takde ape2..

insyaAllah tak lepas ni....


the devil's tongue said...

this ASSUMED supernatural stuff is simply nothing..i have had encounter countless experience with these stuff...but, there are two explanations which both scientifically and paranormal..which one you prefer??

the can was moving because of, perhaps, the water from condensation process spill the water and made the can glide happens all the time...secondly, when you are rarely through the sleepless night, your bran tend to quite me coz i never sleep before 5am..

from paranormal views, yes it might really an-employed ghost as you thought it was but is you ask me, no offence bro, you just plain coward...hahaha...really???prove me wrong...

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