Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lock and Loaded

Now, if there's anybody who hates me and wants to murder me, please do so. I don't care anymore.

I've achieved one of my childhood dreams, which is to hold a real gun. Any brand will do.

This, my friends, is a REAL gun.

Warthal somethingsomething.

14 rounds gun. I forgot how big the caliber was.

These are real 9mm bullets yo.

I was so ecstatic to get a chance to hold that gun, I almost soiled myself.

My uncle, a cop, showed it to me when I visited granpa's house last week.

I asked him if I can fire just 1 round, he said no.

Oklah. At least I got to touch that thing.


Do you remember how one of the characters in the movie Freedom Writer felt when he first hold a gun at 10 years old?

He said it was heavy, and cold.

I felt the same way too. Heavy and cold.

Heavy from the responsibility the bearer holds.

Cold from knowing that this thing can end one's life.

After a while, it wasn't a pleasant thing to hold after all.

P/s: Firdaous, aku tau hang dah pegang M16.

Aku tak jeles. Aku tak jeles. Aku tak jeles. Aku tak jeles. Aku tak jeles. Aku tak jeles. Aku tak jeles.


Fits said...

haha...maen pistol air dah ar doww

kayNe said...

tau pun xbes
igt cool ke

nashrah khan said...

ohmygod that is so cool! im jealous.

Azie Nazri said...

errr Safwan, apparently Firdaous is not the only one. ehem ehem *showing to self* :p

but guns. yeaa, there is a kinda eerie feeling to it kan. I felt that way too when my uncle brought it to kampung to shoot birds.

Diyana said...

I've been wanting to hold a forearm ever since the crime rate rises. Luckily, the firearm rule here is strict or we'd ended up like America (in a bad way).

qieynah said...

aku pon xjeles2aku pon xjeles.aku pon xjeles.aku pon xjeles.

qieynah said...

aku pon xjeles2aku pon xjeles.aku pon xjeles.aku pon xjeles.

safwan said...

to fits:

tak pon pistol gam yg slalu mak andam wat hantaran. best gak! hahaha

to kayne:

kool dlm movie kot! tapi tak cool bila pegang.

to nashrah:

you think soo...?hm... i was scared actually.. coz my uncle said pistol tu takde safety lock.. so kalo mishandling ke apa ke bullet masuk kepala la...huhuhu...

to azie:

ye ke??

tak jeles. tak jeles. tak jeles.

kita ni peace lover kan? tak suke gun2 nih! hehehehe...

to diyana:

my bro said in america, u can buy guns at 7-11. watafak...?

to qieynah:

kita serupa. kita serupa. kita serupa.

Ayda Abu Bakar said...

abang tipu. dia tau ponteng kelas tgk beavis n butthead je. mane dia tau ade jual pistol kat 7E. hahahaha jahat jahat wat fitnah

p.a.n.a ★ ใกใ‚ƒใ‚“ said...

yg ak tau, bile one fires, die kene repot each bullet tu 4 wat pepes..

waa safwan..
sambel menggilai pistol, sempat ko membuat lit critical review..
ni la student contoh kite!!

Diyana said...

Other than a sewing machine and a leaf blower, I might add a bulletproof vest to my birthday wishlist.

Don't ask why I want a sewing machine and a leaf blower.

safwan said...

to Ayda:

Sah2 la dia kena pegi 7-11 beli tape kosong nk record Beavis n Butthead tu kan?

think positif, kekda. wakaka~

to Pana:

Yep. Pakcik aku bakal kena pecat ngan jail kalo boss dia tau salah 1 bullet tu aku guna nak tembak katak pisang kat kg aku.

Ko lagi student contoh kot! Fly jepun tu! Ingat cendera hati aku! nihongo onna no hito tau!hahah

to diyana:

must be 1 of ur plan to take over the world. hm... hahhaa

Diyana said...

Hush, Safwan! They must never know.

the devil's tongue said...

nk report kat suhakam sbb bapak sedara mu menentang etika polis..mane bley bg org main pistol..lg pown, on-duty police je yg bley bwk pistol...abg nk report!!

alah, pistol je kot, abg main lastik.relax je..not to mention main bedil ktupak,lpr je bley rembat..

p/s: pernah main m16 gak time pkbm dulu.siap dpt no 3 klantan kot juara menembak..sniper katakan..aku bangga dengan keris,lembing,tombak lambang tradisi melayu nusantara,,