Tuesday, April 29, 2008

dude, that's disgusting...

I was on the verge of puking after this incident happened.

It wasn't a night that you would call a silent, peaceful night, coz it's not. A typical night in section 18 in Shah Alam around 8 till 11 is what you would call hectic. Shops burst to life like mushrooms after a heavy rain, atm banks keep vomitting money out and restaurant waiters have half their mind to commit suicide.

After having my dinner, (a very delicious one) I felt my feet 100 kilos heavier. So I planned to take a bus. Somehow, I got a bad feeling about it.

I've always hated Rapid KL bus T529. It shows up when you least need them. I had been waiting for that effing bus for almost half an hour. Boredom built so I decided to put on my mp3 player.

It was after two songs that I felt my stomach rumbled. And then, it happened too fast that I nearly didn't realize what happened. "Siiii.......BOOOOOOOOT!!!!!"


I looked around to see all people waiting for the bus staring at me. SHIT. I need a cover!FAST!!

So I took out my cellphone, and pretended to answer a call. I pretended talking to my mum for almost 30 seconds, then I hung up.

Suddenly, one dude approached me and said, "DUDE..!!! Your ringtone's so wicked!!! It sounded SO REAL!!! Can send it to me arr...???"

I said my cellphone's bluetooth was not working...

So I took off and walked home...

I gotta say...Either my cover was damn good, or he's just plain stupid...


Ms. Sleepyhead said...


i think that..that dude actually know u r juz covering urs..ehem~hahahah.FART!

Maybe he just being sarcastic?hoho or cynical?

especially when there got some nice smell~hahakz. Lawaklah ko.

izzyzatt said...

GOD!!!!!that was 'awesomely' embarrassing!!!

im sorry....came across ur page thru shikin's....i cant help but laughing my butt's off!!

dat dude just want to make u feel evn more embarrass...believ me...huhuH!!!pity u~~~

its ok....wut done is done...n they dn evn knw u..errr....maybe ur story will be famous but who cares,they dn knw its YOU~hahahah!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Dude, that was hillarious. Pecah perut I ketawa.

Dude, you can be a really good comedian. If you plan to become one, I'll attend your shows.

Anonymous said...

By the way, this is Diyana.

Gila lawak siot!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

that's gross man!!!!!!!!!!


yeah.i think he knows.just wanna make fun of u. hahaha

nice cover by da way. huahahaha