Saturday, April 19, 2008

the unspoken side of me


Thank you to Allah who still gives me permission to write again.

Last night, my friends and I went out to watch a movie entitled “definitely, maybe”. It’s about a guy telling his daughter a story about who is her mother and subsequently about his past love life.

The movie was good, and it had one message that left me thinking hard.

Old wounds heal over time”

My friends, I have been wounded by others, yet for some of it, I still hold the grudge. Some of it I’ve held for almost 3 years. I have also wounded others, and their anger towards me is very much like the thing that made them mad had just happened yesterday, I’m sure.

If old wounds heal over time, how come people I have wounded still refuse to accept my apologies? I have been asking her for almost two years now, and she still refuses to answer my call. Shouldn’t time have worked its magic by now? If old wounds heal over time, how come I still feel the pain she gave me?

It’s been almost two years dammit!

I miss her… I miss the way she laughs… I miss the way she smiles… I miss the way she’d say “poyo ah ko!”… I miss everything about her…

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