Saturday, April 19, 2008

the legendary mak cik cleaner


Dear readers, before writing this post, I thought long and hard before deciding it to be published or not. It's because I don't wanna be seen as a sore looser and I thought if I tell anybody of this event, it'd make me look weak. But now i decided to publish it anyway.... Just so you know what had happened.

This event happened in a bus terminal.

The journey home from Terengganu to Johor was dead tiring and boring. I think even a dead person would die twice of the boredom alone..hehe..So I arrived in Johor around 6 am, and the tok bilal was just coughing before shouting the subuh azan...

So I decided to perform subuh prayer first, then go home. But where is the surau? better ask the makcik cleaner..she seems friendly....

"errrr....makcik, surau kat mane eh?"

"ko buta ke? cari la! Kerajaan bagi duit banyak2 wat signbord ni gune la wat bace!"

Apparently, she's not....WATAFAK? U must be trippin makcik. U don't know me and u dare giving me attitude???

"Eh makcik! aku tanye ko baik2 kan? jawab la baik2 bodoh! Cikgu tak ajar ke? BODOH!!!!"

Then i went looking for the surau alone. Once I found it, I took off my shoes and went inside the MEN'S SURAU. I was hoping that my encounter with that stupid makcik is over.

I was wrong again. The surau door slammed open and there was the same stupid makcik cleaner that gave me the attitude, shouting at me. Even the sleeping dudes inside woke up to watch the drama...

"Ko tau tak, Adab tanye orang bagi salam, cakap 'Assalamualaikum kakak, surau kat mane? Bukannye 'wei surau kat mane?'!

watafak? u look like 1 day short of 100 years old n u expect me to cal u kakak???!! I know for a fact that i didn't call her "wei!"! She must be going deaf.....I was stunned of that makcik's stupidity. i know she's stupid but THAT stupid??

"Cakap orang tak belajar la! adab ckp ngan orang tua pon tak reti! Bodoh!" she added.

"Makcik, makcik dah fitnah saya ni makcik. sy tak panggil makcik wei. Makcik sedar tak makcik skang ni makcik kat surau?"

Then that makcik looked at me gingerly, and stormed out of the surau. I looked at her for a second later, to realize that she was telling other passer by's her twisted version of the story to make her look innocent when she's not..

Throughout the encounter, she constantly preached about "Respect to the elders".
Eh makcik, if u want us, the youngsters to respect u, earn it! If all people of our older generations think and act like this makcik, then none of them deserve my respect.


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