Saturday, April 19, 2008



the inspiration that i got for this poem is outta nowhere... yesterday i couldn't sleep until it was like 2 am, and suddenly these sentences just popped into my's not about me, or anyone whether dead or alive...any resemblance is purely coincidental...hehehehe....

So stupid of me to have loved you,
so stupid of me to miss you
so stupid of me to always call you up,
that's why now I'm giving up.

You don't love me as I love you,
you don't miss me as i miss you.
You don't give a damn after all that I did to you,
now i won't give a fuck what's coming to you


I hate hearing your name,
I hate the way you played me like a game
I hate everything about you,
I hate you.. I swear to God I hate you...

I'm happy now that you're out of my life,
I'm happy now I got on with my life
I was happy that you were here,
but I sure am happier now that you are gone....

tell me what you think eh......????

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow. now thats alot of 'hates' u got here. but nice. i can sense the hatred. u sure it doesnt have any connection with u. tiiiipula tuuu. ;p