Monday, April 21, 2008

how i hate exams.

I hate exams. Who doesn't?

You read about something, you memorize it, then regurgitate them all on a piece of paper, knowing full well that there's a fat good chance that only a few of them will be used in real life.

Fuck exams.

What's the purpose of exams anyway? To test how much have you known about something? From what I can see, only a handful of the students actually KNOW about something. Most of them, they'd just MEMORIZE it.

If you ask me, exam is not the way to evaluate a student. It doesn't take into account of the students morale and attitude. If you look up our philosophy of education, it's all about producing balanced students in terms of physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotion. And we're testing the in terms of exams? From what I can see, exams only test the students in terms of intellectual aspect, not the others.

I hate exams. I don't know why but I hate them. Well, maybe it's because I have a paper tomorrow and haven't been reading shit... Hahaha.....

I'm so dead...


kayNe said...

hey brother bear
i actually feel u there
i hate exams too
n now i think the goverment pun dah wise enuff to realize dat so they came up with some things to fix this

and yes
i hate exams
but hey, it serves some good too kan
=p dun deny

Ms. Sleepyhead said...

exam sucks. but it makes me know how important to stay focus in class and study. Ha Ha. Lack of focus. Lack of pointer. Grrrr..

hey~ i put ur link blog at my blogspot~hahahaha! Put me there too k!