Friday, January 16, 2009

There goes my dream.

I was supposed to go to Japanese Language II this evening, but was told it was canceled.

Thank God.


So I went walking aimlessly around the faculty, but stopped abruptly when I saw this notice.

From Slip of tongue

There goes my dream of studying overseas.

But then, I took another read, and noticed that something fishy.


From what I can see, students who want to apply to this program must fulfill either two of these three criteria below.

1) Possesses CGPA of 3.70 and above,


2) Must be able to mix a damn good coffee,


3) Must be excellent Down Under....

I know this is my dream, but achieving it by pleasing somebody is a big no-no to me.


p.a.n.a ★ ใกใ‚ƒใ‚“ said...

(word ini kelaka bg saya)

safwan san!!
lame tak komen d page kamo...

tu num 2 n 3 tu ape makne die?
2--pandai wat kopi?
3--down under?nan desuka?

"please me asap"
=ape ni?
=sila asapkan saya ngn kemenyan?

nashrah said...

hahahahahhahahahaha nape la u slalu dpt jumpe notice2 yg klakar camni

Azie Nazri said...

tu la.
i noticed the typo too.
whoever did it must be in a rush.

i sooo wanna go though.

Diyana said...

Student exchange to Aussie????????????????????????????

Please me? Hahahaha!!!!!!!

I made okay coffees but I'm more of a hot chocolate type of person.

Solitary Ace said...


well, that is funny..

and my dreams were crushed as well, not about the printed words I assure you, but I got to know bout this just now.. and didnt have the chance to give my name..

would be fantastic if I did..

irma-ain ibrahim said...

ala,nati u blaja lagi then smbung la oversea.

lama jgk xtggl comment disini.

and anda sgt berani mengeluarkan statement berunsur 18yo and above.

Helmi Razali said...

haha, watafak. akan ku guna dalam blog ku nanti

safwan said...

to pana:

hehee...same la..aku lagi jahat..tak penah komen kat blog ko kot. huhuhu...

to nashrah:

i see things with my mata hati...



to azie:

stetmen berani mati utk hari ini:

"ala...AUSSIE JE KOT.."


(gaya cakap cam tiap2 minggu pegi aussie. padahal naik kapal terbang pon bole kira guna jari.)

to diyana:

too bad... he's more of a coffee kinda guy. tough luck mate.


to fiqah:

chill...the joy of youth is upon us to be savored...

life's too short to be sedih coz some ppl taknak amek belajar kat oversea...

to irma:

tu la my planning for the time being...huhuhu...

stemen 18yo ke? takde lah....;P

maksud dia even kat Aussie pon kene maintain CGPA 3.70...

ayat double meaning kot...heheheh

to helmi: kredit tau..!haha...

mojax said...

tahi suci.
(holy shit)


safwan said...

to moja:

search me.... i dunno myself...

p/s: sofia mungkin berminat. too bad cgpa dia teruk gila.

Ibrahim said...

I think they only offer 2 places. Both have been occupied by Sirhajwan & Mior. Check my blog.