Sunday, January 18, 2009

Is there such part inside a car?

Yesterday, I went to my brother's house somewhere in KL.

Too bad that when I arrived at his house, my brother and his family went out shopping.

I was hoping to see my 2 years old nephew, but missed them by a couple of hours.

He's grown up fast.


While at my brother's house, I saw a to-do board with this letter sent by Proton pinned to it.

I don't know there's a part named "Jack ASSY" inside a car!

The people who invented this part must be so pissed off at someone..... Maybe that part was so damn difficult to be built, so they decided to name it JACK ASSY. Coz it's a pain in the ASS.

Hopefully I don't find a part named "WATAFAK" inside any devices.


kayNe said...

ur eyes are super quick dude
slalu jumpa bende macmni

moja said...


jack assy?

holy ass. bleyh hantar ass to bengkel eh?

safwan said...

to kayne:

haha...just my luck i saw these things..

to moja:

I dunno... they make it sound cam bole jer.... huhuhu

Ms. Sleepyhead said...

hari tu ko tunjuk notice tah ape2..

lame tul aku nak digest ayat tu..hahaha

now this...

u should check the brand new car/truck/or whatever from Nissan.

Mother Trucker~

nadzrah said...

hahah!!! watafak!!!
kelaka dowh

safwan said...

to az: ade ke weh???? FAKKulti.....

to nadzrah: thx!

adila lalala said...

salute to u,,ko memang terer..mata ko da leh jadi penembak tepat dah ni,,