Monday, January 5, 2009

New year ramblings

I've been experiencing internet deprivation for the past few days, and haven't been updating my blog. Sorry for that..


Hopefully I'm not to late to wish you guys a happy Awal Muharram and happy new year.

Though I'm not sure what we should be happy about of the latter.

I mean, global economy sucks big time right now, and major recession is on its way to Malaysia..

Plus, George "airhead" Bush and his Zionist mates felt like celebrating new year with a "Bang", and they did so quite literally. Damned idiots.


Will this new year be a happy year?

Will this year bear witness the day I will lose my single status?

Will this year be the year I got a Dean's List for the first time?

Will this year be the year I got so much money I can eat at Secret Recipe for a whole solid month?

Will this year be the year I make history by doing something crazy?



Happy new year guys.

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Diyana said...

Yes, global recession do sucks big time. George is being an 'airhead' as usual with his Zionist mates. Ada global recession pun nak bomb Palestine???? What the heck? Tu bukan kejam lagi dah, dah gila kejam tu which is worse because insanity, in my opinion is an ajinamoto to cruelty. Always adds a zing to it making it more extreme. Dah lah recession, bazir duit buat weapons nak bomb Palestine. They should really focus on other things such as how to counter recession instead of worsening it by doing that.

Change in America my ass.

Ever since the Iraq invasion 2003, I started to hate America. I still like a few people there though. Plus, it's their government and culture that I really can't stand.

The Zionists are greedy and ungrateful brutes. Palestine gave them some of their land to live during Hitler's time and this is how they repay the Palestinians??????? Killing them, bombing their places?????

If there's anybody else to blame, I blame Hitler. If it wasn't for him, the Jews won't be migrating to other countries, such as USA and Palestine. If there was no Holocaust, there won't be Zionist. In my opinion, that is. I might be wrong.