Saturday, December 6, 2008

To Asif

To Ungku Asif, ex SMK Lembah Keramat student, class of 2006.

Semoga ko dan family selamat.

Semoga cepat get over from the trauma..


Just got this news.

Asif's house, which is located at Bukit Antarabangsa, was buried from the landslide at around 4 am if I am not mistaken.

Asif got out from the wreckage alive, but his maid still buried under. I haven't got any update about that.


Diyana said...

I hope he and his family will be okay. Hope that his maid will be rescued and still alive. Hope that he will find another place to stay.

My cousin lives in Bukit Antarabangsa as well. Thank God that his house was not affected and his family are okay. However, they are moving to his twin brother's house in Shah Alam where it is much safer.

I read that a witness said that he heard an explosion like that of a bomb before the landslide occurred.

I never like the idea of hillside housing. Waaaay too dangerous.

Indescentdecendant said...

td tgk berita
derang cakap ade jmpe mayat seorang suri rumah
die kje kt umah no 4

apih said...

umah no 4???
umah asif no 5

adila lalalala said...

the geographical factor there should long time ago be considered before any housing area been developed.

tun M used to say something about that area development, but he did nothing coz its not under his power, but the state government..

maybe next time we should not depend on the developers,,they want money,,so they claim it is safe for residential area to be developed there,,

to asif:

ask ur father to buy a house in Kedah,,i believe it is much more safer,,

di sini terdapat banyak kawasan tanah pamah,,

and also..

the Kedah state government is promoting the newly-developed residential area,,

u can buy a house,,or design ur own house,,

do come live in Kedah,,,

Kedah welcomes you~~


p/s: i am serious,,

thejas said...


irma ibrahim said...

oo..agaknya bibik umah dia la kot yg mati tu.
yg tggu nk hntr blk sn. kan?
yg kena tggu lgi seminggu sbb xjmpa rekod alamat si bibik.

safwan said...

yep....bibik itu...

nik said...

weh.... korg sure asif slamat? dia kat mane skang? ungku asif kan korg ckp ni.. adeh.. lost contact.. just got back frm my holiday when i heard tis news, try call dia x pat..

pih said...

nak nombor die mintak ngan aku

-adik safwan-

pih said...

nak nombor die mintak ngan aku

-adik safwan-

nik said...

hahaha.. ceyh korg neh.. bkn nk reply comment ak.. lolx.. da tau da.. dia gne no. lame dia... brite sdeh. ifon dia ilang.. wii baru dia rosak.. hahaa