Monday, December 8, 2008

A little girl I once knew

The trip to Terengganu really brought back a lot of memory of me growing up..

It happened when my mum asked me to drive her to Pasar Payang that made me reminisce of a little girl I once knew.

The only thing I can't remember is her name. I have a big problem at that department.


I was 10 at that time.

Every Saturday morning, I used to learn Al Quran recitation in my dad's friend's school, Atta'wuniah Al Jadidah somethingsomething (I forgot). The coolest thing about this place is, they offer pick up service from your house to the school. This is so that the parents can't complain of being too busy to send their children to learn Al Quran.

The driver that always used to pick me up was Pak Awang, but since it is Terengganu, people call him Pok Wang.

I was the only student he had to pick up for Saturday mornings, until one fateful day.

After picking me up, he would go to Pasar Kedai Payang to pick up this one little girl. She's so small you could have easily mistaken her for an elf. She was roughly around 5 at that time.

The thing was, I hate it. I hate having to wait to pick her up.

Saturday mornings at Pasar Payang is a heart attack waiting to happen. Literally. That place is so packed up, the traffic jam alone is enough to cause a healthy people hypertension, Diabetes and severe depression.. Wait till you smell the stench.

After a couple of weeks, only then I started to talk to her. And she initiated the conversation. If she hadn't I would no have known her at all.

Her: Abang, Abang belajar baca Al Quran dah sampai mana?

Me: (Proudly) Abang dah baca sampai Surah Ali Imran. Adik?

Her: Adik baru sampai Iqra 6. Nanti adik naik Al Quran besar, adik nak kejar Abang. Kita lumba siapa khatam dulu!

Me: Hahaha...Ok ok... ermm Adik, abang nak tanya satu bole?

Her: Apa?

Me: Kenapa Pok Wang kena ambik adik kat Pasar Payang? Kenapa tak ambik kat rumah?

Her: Ooo... tu sebab pak cik adik jual sayur kat situ... Pagi pagi kena buka kedai awal awal. Pak cik kata banyak berkat pagi pagi. Allah tolong orang rajin.

Me: Betul. Adik duduk dengan Pak cik? Mak ayah mana?

Her: Mak ayah dah takde.

Me: InnalillahuwainnaIlaihirajiun....

Her: Mak ayah adik meninggal 2 minggu lepas. Rumah adik terbakar. Pagi pagi lagi. Mak, ayah, abang, semua meninggal. Adik sorang je yang selamat. (On the verge of tears.)

Me: Sabar eh dik....

Her: Mak adik sempat selamatkan adik. Lepas tu, dia masuk balik dalam rumah sebab abang dengan ayah terkunci dalam bilik lain. Tapi lepas dia masuk, rumah runtuh.

Adik boleh dengar diorang menjerit.

Pak cik cakap, kalau adik sayang arwah keluarga adik, adik kena banyak buat amal. Ustaz cakap amal anak soleh dan solehah boleh buat mak, ayah dengan abang masuk syurga. Adik nak baca Al Quran rajin rajin.

Adik tak nak diorang kena bakar lagi dalam neraka. Cukuplah diorang kena bakar dekat dunia.

Me: Adik, sabar eh? Ni ujian Allah. Allah tak uji kita kalau Dia tahu kita tak boleh tahan...

Her: Adik tau. Adik sayang mak, ayah dengan abang.


It touched me.

For a girl so small, so young, so frail looking, so vulnerable, she had to endure a grown up's burden.

I feel sorry for her...


I would like to extend my deepest condolences to Nashrah for her grandmother's demise and In, for the loss of her mother.

Semoga roh mereka berada dikalangan orang orang yang mendapat rahmat Allah.

p/s: She beat me in the Khatam Quran Race. I khatam-ed for the first time in my life only this semester. Don't ask why.....

Well, better late than never...... Hihihi....


irma ibrahim said...

but y? y y?
y jgn tnya? y?
hahahaha. :D

better late than never.
n baik skit2 bca dri xbca lgsg.
trskn membaca. :)

she's so strong. mbe jgk faktor igt2 llupa suma kngn dia ngan kga dia.
i meant she's too small so otak blm berkmbg sepnhnya.

da way we take over kematian ialah berbeza.

Anonymous said...

baru khatam?
kah kah kah!

Diyana said...

Al-Fatihah to her family.

It's okay. I khatam twice. Once at sekolah agama (unofficially as reciting Quran in front of viewers other than ustaz/ustazah gives me the creeps) and once during mengaji class.

Irma's right. It's better late than never. Me, despite khatam twice I still baca merangkak-rangkak. I don't know why.

Anyway, I have felt something like that as well. When I was about 3, 4 or 5 years old. My mom would take my bro and I swimming the club where she always plays golf with my dad. One day, we met up with her friend and her two sons. I find her friend very pretty and nice. I became fast friends with her older son and he was like 10, 12, 15, 17 years old, somewhere around that age.

He's a very nice guy. Sweet even. I'm not sure what we talked about but we talked and I enjoyed his company. Unfortunately, that was the first and the last time I saw him. I wonder how he's doing right now.

Just like you, I don't remember his name. Worse, I don't even remember his face! All I remembered was that he wore white, very fair with spiky hair.

Oh well. At least I remember how his mom looks like.

kayNe said...

ur lucky to have met such a strong girl
wish u can see her again =]

safwan said...

to irma: insyaAllah!

to anonymous: daripada tak khatam langsung? orang tak pandai baca langsung walopon umor sama ngan aku pon ade tau?

to diyana: in my case, I can just remember her heights and her teeth. rongak.

to kayne: thx..will be kinda hard coz i've forgotten how she looks like.... i can only remember her heights....hahaha