Monday, December 15, 2008

Photo caption contest.

This will be the first contest I ever organized.

Thanks to Kak Yuni, my sister-in-law for sponsoring the prize.

Wanna win two GSC Movie Ticket Voucher that you can exchange to ANY MOVIE TICKETS at GSC Alamanda Putrajaya until 14 March 2009?

Then come up with the best photo caption for the picture below!

The funniest photo caption wins!

The rules:

1)The caption must consist of only 1 SENTENCE. Come up extra and you'll be disqualified without remorse.

2)Open to all Malaysian blog readers currently in Malaysia, except my immediate family member. They can submit their photo caption, but will not be judged though. If they insist, their entry will be disqualified without remorse.

3)Submit your caption, complete with contact details (name, email address, phone number) via my email: . Any entries submitted elsewhere will be disqualified without remorse.

4)Closing date: 31st DECEMBER 2008 at 2359 hrs Malaysian time. Submit any later then you'll be disqualified without remorse.

5)Only 1 prize is available, which is the winner, who will win both tickets. So you would want to think up something really funny.

Get your creative juices flowing, guys!

Good luck!


adila lalalala said...

wat peraduan plak..hurm...lets see,,

mybe ill be one of the contestant kot,...

bleh r bro?

walopon kita beradek2 angkat...(huhuhuhuhu)

nadzrah said...

seyes susah!!
xpe la..
tiket wayang kat alamanda plak tuh
konfem x jejak kaki ke sana

safwan said...

to adilla:

adik bradik angkat takpe...

to nazdrah:

huuhuhuhu.....nnt kalo aku ade benda best nk bg aku wat lagi peraduan yg sng ko nk claim hadiah...huhuhuhu