Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nafsu buas saya

If you think I'm going to post a blog with an ehem ehem connotation, too bad coz this ain't one of them. Sorry for getting your "hopes" up for no reason... hehehe....

Just read Jeng's blog, and I have made my own...

Top 10 list of food that I am craving.

10) My mom's Ikan Merah goreng kunyit.

Simple, yet delicious. It's to die for. Aku sendiri pon tak tau camne bole jadi sedap mak aku masak ikan goreng. Maybe sebab dia baca Bismillah, baca selawat, and berkat air tangan ibu.

9) Burger King's double black pepper whopper with cheese.

Heart attack waiting to happen, this is.

8) Haji Wahid's mee rebus.

Have you ever watched Cooking Master Boy's anime or any other cooking movies that used absurd effects that you might think it's not possible? Lemme tell you something. It is do-able. The restaurant's cook is the proof. The cook is super skilled, OK! He is blazing fast! And the mee rebus, man, it is super delicious! Freshly boiled noodles and bean sprouts drenched in thick creamy gravy with Pindang boiled egg, parsley, fried onion, condiments, with a hint of soy sauce and vinegar. Get a bowl at Plaza Angsana, Johor Bahru. RM3.50 a bowl.

7) Keropok Lekor Losong.

It's a known fact that Terengganu dudes make the best Keropok Lekor. They make it so damn good it'll kick those KL "keropok lekor losong" wannabes' ass all the way to Hong Kong.

One thing I notice about KL keropok lekor is that the flour:fish ratio is never correct. They always put in too much flour, making it very rubbery like. Terengganu made on the other hand, especially Losong never failed to get it right. They put in more fish, so that it'd be crunchier, and tastier. It's always fresh. You can actually see the workers working the dough just behind the counter.

6) Intec's fried chicken

Always crunchy, always fresh, always hot, and always delicious.

5) Kak Ida's bihun goreng.

She used to take care of me and my siblings when our parents went to work. Her bihun goreng is something different. Ayam sikit gile. Sayur takyah cerita la. But the taste, MAK AIH! Sangat best bila disatu padukan dengan keropok keping. I always had three helpings (at least) of her bihun goreng.

4) My own spaghetti bolognaise.

I know this will sound like so promote diri sendiri, but I miss my own spaghetti. But to make it is very expensive, to the point of becoming very un-student like. Spaghetti - RM 4, Sauce - Rm 9, Meat - Rm5, Parmesan Cheese - Rm 5-9. And that's for 5 times of cooking. Tak sampai 3 hari. Plus my Shah Alam house ain't got a fridge. Can't even make it to day 2 without half of them went rot.

3) Kekda's home made lasagna.

Kekda is my sister. Her lasagna is very good. Lasagna strips layered with bolognaise sauce and home made Alfredo sauce, topped with generous helping of mozarella cheese and Parmesan Cheese shreds, it is like hearing a classical orchestra symphony. Rasa terbang - terbang bila makan. (Kekda, balik rumah abang or rumah JB laju laju.)

2) Big Mac.

I can still recall how Big Mac saved my life during Part 2. It's a good thing that the after ethic's project, we kenduri-ed at McD, and they were kind enough to give us free entry coupons for Big Mac Chant Challenge. I got like 10 of them, so I just redeemed it for a week's supply of Big Mac. Now I know what made Big Mac So special.

"Two all beef patties,
Special sauce, lettuce,
cheese pickles onions,
on a sesame seed bun!"

1) Kekda's chocolate chip and almond cookies.

Sekali lagi, masakan kekda. It 's like Famous Amos's. Sweet, molten Cadbury's milk chocolate, crunchy roasted to perfection almonds, generous measure of chocolate chips, they will drive you crazy for more.

Well, that's my list. What's your's? ;)


Azie Nazri said...

*drooling badly*

safwan, i still remember that mc d chant!! HAHAHA

my bros made me a chanting machine at that time just so that they would get bigmacs!

n yea, spaghetti can be a bit expensive but you can cut down some cost by not putting the cheese.
well yea it wouldnt make it as yummy as always but it still tastes good esp bila sedang kempunan. :p

just dont forget the oregano spice.

n oh, u cook?? saya kagum!! tahniah! :D

safwan said...

I remember it too...merepek la kalo 10 kali masuk chant challenge but can't remember the chant....

erm..sikit2 jer...bole la cook just to survive...huhuhu...thx...!

S O U L - O said...

if u come to sabah,
u must try "Nasi Goreng Lalap".
Yah i know it sounds weird but try it. Then u'll know that name sumtimes doesnt mean anything.

I'm craving for this nasi goreng lalap ever since I left Kota Kinabalu. sob sob.

I missed Burger King's Chicken Royale. like hell. darn! so hungry thinking bout food.

kayNe said...

kenapa kamu melaparkan saya!!!!


i think i satisfied most of my cravings by now
sebab takut nanti dah xjumpe =[

tp looking at ur list i think 1 or 2 foods dah start running in my head


safwan said...

to taufiq:

nasi goreng lalap??that's something new....huhuhu... what is it made of..??

some of sabahan food i've tasted is amplang and bambangan. I like the amplang, but the bambangan will take some time getting used to...huhuhuhu it's good tho...

to kayne:

haha...u better.... coz nnt kat nz mane nak carik nasik dagang, keropok lekor, satar, otak otak, bla bla bla....


irma-ain ibrahim said...

jom lawan masak! hehehe.
suka sggh saya mendabik dada.

anda telah saya tag. sila jawab.
after exam la. :)