Sunday, November 23, 2008

Combs and hair gel is my enemy.

A word of caution: "This post is super long. JIWANG ALERT!"

Irma, sorry it took me so long, but this is my answer to your tag. Kinah, this may answer your tag also...


People always tell me these.

"Safwan, why don't you comb your hair? And while you're at it, put some gel on."

"Bear, serious, kalo ko sikat rambut, taruk gel, sumpah ko hot."

I always tell them this.

"Actually my skin is very sensitive. If I put on hair gel even just a little, The sweat would dissolve the gel, run down to my face and clog my pores. Then it becomes Jerawat. So when I comb my hair, there's no way the style is gonna last for the day. Can't even to make it to 30 minutes. Might as well I never combed at all."

And they would go like, "Ooh..."

Actually, that is half true. Although it is true that my face grow jerawat if I put on hair gel, there's another incident that made me traumatized of combing my hair.


I moved to Kl from Batu Pahat when I was Form Two, and I studied at SMK Lembah Keramat. It was the last day of school. My school session was the afternoon session.

I usually go to school by bike, but it must have been broken that day, I can't remember why, but I had to ask my dad to come and pick me up. I waited at a bus stop, almost nearly 7 pm, and was quite pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful girl sitting next to me.

Back then, I was very shy. And I mean VERY VERY SHY. I stammer A LOT when I talk to girls at that time.

But I don't know what magic she casted upon me at that time, I managed to pluck my courage to strike up a conversation with her.

Me: Hi, tak balik lagi ke? Dah nak Maghrib nih.

Her: [Giggles]. Tak, kita tunggu bapak kita... Safwan?

Me: Eh? Camner awak tau nama kita?

Her: Kita satu kelas ngan awak la.....

This beautiful girl is in the same class with me and I didn't notice???!! FOR THE WHOLE YEAR???!!!

Me: Ye eh? Kita tak perasan pon?

Her: Ala...kan kita org yang duduk sebelah Dayah....Cuba ingat balik..

Me: Ya eh? hihihihi.....

Her: Ok lah Safwan, bapak kita dah sampai tu. Bye!

I don't know how I feel about her. It was like something else. Something that made me wanna get to know her more.

I wanna know her.

After that, I prayed, "God, Oh God! Please, let her be in the same class with me the next year..!"

Alhamdulillah, He answered my prayer.

She was in the same class with me. I don't know a thing about her except her name.

From that moment on, I tried to get to know her.

The thing about her was that she always hang out with her cliques.

At that time, (and until now) I never had a girlfriend. So you can just imagine how clueless about girls I was at that time.

I approached her like a stalker.

Thinking back, I was so stupid.

I got close to her friend, so that I can get close to her. From Form 3, I did that until I was in Form 4.

I didn't have a handphone at that time, which I think made me getting close to her a pretty tough job. The only time we would talk is during classes, which is not much.

But from what I can see, she was the kind of girl your mother would want to have as a menantu.

She puts Allah first in everything. Rasullullah second. Al-Quran third. Then her mother, then her mother, then her mother, then her father. So whoever guy fortunate enough to be with her would have to settle for 8th spot.

Very much like Farihah, I think. Come to think of it, the way she talked was unmistakably the same like her.


Come Hari Terbuka, when parents come to your school to get your report cards, I chatted with a then friend of mine, Nizam. We weren't allowed handphones in school at that time, but he managed to slip it in somehow.

So I checked it out.

I looked through his messages, and saw that he was very close with her. Super close.

I asked him,

Me: Yo, ko kamcing eh ngan Gadis X?

Niz: Agak ah.

Me: Ko bf dia ke?

Niz: Tak ah. Dia dah ada lar. Tapi dengar2 crita dia tgh gaduh hebat ngan bf dia. Nape?

Me: Ntah ah weh. Aku rase cam agak suka gak dia tu....

Niz: Try ah. mane tau jadik.

So, the next day, I braved myself to tell her. I gathered all courage I can find, and was ready to tell her I like her.

So I told her. I didn't tell her how long have I waited for that moment. When she asked me what made me fall in love with her, I said she was beautiful.

And my friends, that shows how clueless I was with girls. If you think right now I am clueless, back then I was even cluelesser.

As expected, she rejected me saying she wanted to give her current relationship a chance. She also said beauty isn't everlasting. There's a lot of girls out there that's far more beautiful than her.

I backed off.

I know a lost battle when I see one.


Being rejected by a girl for the first time in my life, I can't say it didn't have any impact on me, coz it did.

(2 days after the incident)

After that incident, I was left with a trauma. Ever since that incident, I became afraid of telling other woman I like about how I feel.

I fear rejection from her.

I fear the isolation after her rejection.

And that's what has been keeping me from telling any girl I like about how I feel.

Even if I do manage to pluck out the courage to tell her I like her, it will be too late.

[enter background music: Michael Learns to Rock - 25 minutes]


Right now, you must be wondering: What do combs and hair gel have got to do with the story of my first crush?

Well, my friends, the fateful day that I confessed to her was the first day I combed and put on hair gel.

(I use my fingers to comb before that, coz dasar selekeh... And I still use my fingers after that incident. Trauma siot!)

Moral of the story: to me, sikat rambut = bad luck.

p/s: If you know who she is, or by any chance managed to figure out through my hints, keep it to yourself.

p/s: This is by far the most tasking post I ever written. 6 hours of staring into this computer spread over 5 days.


Diyana, your frizzy haired friend said...

Safwan, no need hair gel lah. Those stuff never works anyway. In fact, let me list down a few haircare products that don't work:

1. Shampoos that straighten your hair - don't work. Tried and tested since forever.

2. Straightening hair gels/serums/moisturisers (no blow dry or iron ones) - It works, for A FEW MINUTES! Then, your hair will return to Macy Gray-ish hairstyle. You have to apply them to your hair every 5 minutes or so for the straightness to last. I'm not sure about expensive brands or the ones that you can only get at hair salons though. My observation are only on brands that you can buy in any pharmacy and cost around RM10-20.

You might as well use olive oil for hair, if it's still available. The problem is that it makes your hair greasy and shiny.

I liked a guy once when I was in Form 2. He was my classmate. When he found out, he said that I'm ugly. Not straight to my face but behind my back. He even said it LOUD enough for me to hear it. What a jerk. Needless to say, I got over him.

I never like it when I have school crushes (meaning that I have a crush on someone during school years). It's annoying.

S.H.A.Z.A. said...

well..i must give y0u credit f0r being brave en0ugh t0 tell her! tabik spring la safwan!

i'm n0t that brave..:(

safwan said...

To diyana: huhuhu....bagus2... u deserve better than that toooot.

to shaza: takpe....courage bole dipupuk. huhuhu

nashrah said...

hehe this is so funny. this actually cheered me up a bit. safwan, truthfully, i like ur hair the way it is. i do not understand why guys have to put on so much hair gel when they can actually leave it like that and still look good. contoh cam patrick dempsey. pergh. oh that move u made on the girl was sweet. dont cringe bile igt blk. guys shld do dat more. be straightfwd instead of ego2 hehe. take care safwan.

Azie Nazri said...

have to agree with nash there.
i prefer guys without anything on their hair.
and when the wind blows, their hair becomes all cool looking hehe.
and safwan, your hair is cooler without gel or anything the like.

oh and were you refering to our farihah?
yupp, she is a sweety isnt she?

things like this happen but well, it was worth the try wasnt it? atleast it inspired you to make this most time consuming post kan? heheheh comel.

oh and you mentioned that poem in my blog?
did you give it to her?

aina said...

i feel u man.u are not alone.i,too have experience rejection:(

just dnt think about it yeaa.

and ur hair looks cool the way it is.gel-free:))

Jeng melalut lagi said...

Introducing you soon-to-be best friend;

no combing needed and defenitely no dripping white sweats.

its dry, and it stays.

gle ramai org comment blog ko. =.="

JUARA roocks!!!!!

sape lg kalo bukan kekda said...


irma-ain ibrahim said...

ha,hutang langsai! :P
lik u suggest la kan,sy bca smbil mkn super ring. super duper healthy snack!

ala,menarik la kisah cnta ni. soooo real. :D

safwan said...

to nashrah:

glad this piece cheered u up..XD

to azie:

yep, our farihah.... the way farihah and the person talk and move and walk, saling tak tumpah......

the poem? i didn't give it to her...tak nak kacau orang lain punye..

The poem's relation to this blog, I think it is what I was feeling towards her.

to aina: over it long time ago...

hair gel free = problem free.

now that's a philosphy... (hey it rhymes!)

to jeng

hmm...never thot of that... brand ape best? thx.... aku rase byk lg org komen kat blog anak mat nor....

to kekda

(assuming L = lovely)

Thx kekda! tak tau plak mu mmg support perkembangan adik mu.... hahahah

to irma

thx.... huhuhuhu.....

Imran said...

sungguh ikhlas.hehe,xpe...selagi kamu dia ada dimana-mana.every single day is a suprise =)

safwan said...

"every single day is a surprise"

ayat double meaning di situ..


yg mana satu pilihan kalbu..?


Anonymous said...

noticed you in cnsling classes, i thnk your hair is cool in the way it is need to use hair gel and sort of, sbb it will only mke ur hair feels like dry leaves yang keras dan brkeping keping.ahahaha opsss ;P

btw, you are so berani to confront with the girl like tht.tabiiikkk!

-tiqah yg duk sembang2 d pondok sblm final cnsling ituu

adila lalalala said...

i was like...what the heck got to do with comb n gel and ur bad luck... heyaaa...safwang,,

the thing is that,,u didnt get rejection bcoz of that (i mean gel and first time hair-combing), but its because u claimed u like her coz of her beauty,,

saying u like a girl coz shes beauty is the first thing that makes girl feel insecure bout having a relationship wif u,, have any idea y? coz beauty doesnt last,,its a gift,,it may be taken back as well..

n some more,,if lets say one day,,this girl no longer has the gift,,u'll go to someone else wif the gift,,

thats y (most of) girl hates it,,

p/s: tell them beautiful when u have them in ur arms

(one only, i didnt really mean 'them')

leng lui sek fan said...

lahabau muke lu!!!!!

safwan said...

to tiqah:


to adilla:

Seperti yg aku dah ckp dlm post tu, time tu aku sangat clueless... skarang, aku dah jarang wat mende2 camtu.

to leng lui:

bior le! wakakaka~

Anonymous said...

cam aku kenal jer gadis X.. aii.. :P
saper aku? ko kenal kot.. slalu ke umah ko men pokemon. :P