Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm alive!

This entry is full of curse words. If you can't bear seeing it, close down this window. I just couldn't bother censoring my blog.


Although this blog is in pause mode, I just couldn't resist updating it.... XD

Especially when a near death experience just occurred a few hours ago..


My family and I was on our way to Terengganu from Johor Bahru. In case you don't know this, we're moving to Terengganu next year.

So today, we brought some stuff to put into our new house.

Wait, did I say some? A lot actually.....

It took two cars to transport only four people, and just imagine how much stuff we were carrying.

My dad, my mum, and my lil sis took one car, and I drove alone with another car.

Me, being the lone driver would mean more load in my car.

More load leads to heavier car, heavier car causes my car to accelerate like a snail on diet.

My car's boot was full, and not to mention the back seat and the passenger seat. Before driving, I noticed that the car was lowered as hell. I took a look at the trunk, and saw a cooking gas tank. My dad says he wants to cook during our stay...Since we planned to stay until Raya Haji, takkan hari hari makan luar...?


We used Jerangau-Jabor road. In case if you don't know, this road is notoriously known for taking so much lives during festive seasons, no thanks to its blind corners and uneven terrain which cause a lot of blind spots.

I was happily driving, until I stumbled upon this lorry carrying WAAYY to much logs than the lorry can handle.

The road then wasn't that steep of a climb, but it did made the lorry slow down. Or so I think

So I tried to overtake the lorry. I dropped down two gears, and began to gather speed. But the car is sooo heavy...

Little by little, I gathered speed to climb that hill, but as I was overtaking that lorry, I noticed something wrong.

"Tadi aku dah potong sparuh jalan, apesal ni dah macam lagi banyak balik?"

So I floored the paddle as hard as I could. It accelerated a bit, but the lorry deliberately gained speed during the climb.

At this point, I didn't dare to continue overtaking that lorry as I was reaching the apex of the hill. A blind spot. I slowed down, and I got back to the tail of the the lorry.

Just as I got into the back of the lorry, a speeding BMW shot past from the opposite direction.

I was so lucky. If I didn't bail out then, I would've collided with that BMW. The gas tank would've exploded, and I would be reduced to smithereens...

I checked the situation again, this time, I was sure it's clear, then I overtook the lorry.

As I was overtaking that lorry, I looked at the driver, only to notice him looking at me too, LAUGHING HIS ASS OFF.

I was so pissed off with that motherfucker.




I cursed that lorry driver for a good ten minutes, which also included a fantasy of me giving that stupid driver a bitch slap.

I pictured myself raising my right hand like a croissant, and WHAM! Down goes the idiot.


I know I should be thankful that I am alive and all that cursing wouldn't do a thing to him, but at least I got my anger out of my system.

And Alhamdulllah, all of us arrived in one piece.........

P/s: Will update blog if I got internet connection. Never thought a budget hotel would have a wireless connection


nadzrah said...

good writing!!

p.a.n.a ★ ใกใ‚ƒใ‚“ said...

gile la safwan..
sebbaik ko tak mengalami keputusan nafas..
Allah tak mahu famili mu bersedey..

tp mmg hell bastad la dreba lori tu..
mlayu gak ke?
kalo ak kan, da lame ak tnjk sign kat die..

safwan said...

to nadzrah: thx..I was writing under duress actually...had to berebut my sis's laptop...

to pana: driver lori tu indian....

tak sempat nak tunjuk sign la....kalo tak aku pon nak tunjuk gak.....

kayNe said...

meamg ramai la driver lori selfish
bukan aku nak generalize sume driver lori jahat tp memang kebanyakannya begitu
dorang take pleasure in people punya pain sbb the thought yg they wont get hurt easy. yela lori kan gabak. kalo eksiden sebelah die je pun ape die nak heran

sbb tu aku nak ambik lesen lori next year =p

pih said...

cari ic palsu..pastu wak report polis cakap tu lori curi :-3

safwan said...

to kayne: Tu la pasal.

ko nak amek lesen lori? aku nak amek lesen bas, pastu sengaja jatuhkan dalam gaung. lagi ramai mati. wakakakaa~

to pih: pastu? dok faham motif....

adila lalalala said...

well...i think,,u should get a lorry license,,so next time,,whenever u need to drive alone + bring heavy loads,,,u can do just like the lorry driver did to u,,(to others) just to figure out how fun it is to do that~~

make sure u find him next tyme,,

and also,,

make sure ur lorry is bigger than his~~ hehehe

just my oppinion,,

DO KIV eh?

Diyana said...

Alhamdulillah that you're okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't imagine my life without you, dude.

I hate lorry drivers sometimes. What he did was dangerous. His license should be suspended or at least drive with supervision.

Some lorry drivers can go as slow as they want but when we go slow in front of them, they honked or flashed at us.

Dah nama lorry balak, bawak kayu balak dalam kuantiti yang merbahaya pastu bawak lori dalam keadaan yang membahayakan pengguna jalan raya yang lain. What the heck???

Jerangau-Jabor road? Which one is that?

Bitch slap je ke? Bitch torture lagi best.

Looks like Allah really loves you, your family and the speeding BMW guy.

safwan said...

to adilla:

it's bad enough that he tried to kill me, don't wanna make myself kll others...

to diyana:

jerangau-jabor road is d one that you go if you wanna go to teregganu. exit at jabor from lebuhraya pantai timur, then just continue until terengganu.

it's dem dangerous...