Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sociolinguistic's thought paper really did some damage to my brain.

I was hanging out somewhere in Section 7 Shah Alam. Spotted this banner, pulled over and snapped a picture of a " Word Borrowing FAIL".


Can somebody tell me why in the fuck's name did he borrow the word "instructor" when there's a perfect "jurulatih" word in Malay language?

OI! Jurulatih is not classy, is it?

I really really hate seeing BM being bastardized in such a way.

"This is language change. We modify BM a bit so it sounds cool, and get high status. We are changing BM for the better, this is!"

Yeah right.

It's a downright abomination.

What made these kind of people think that by borrowing and modifying words from English makes BM cool and get high status?

That shit bastardized BM.

You might be asking why I'm such a fuss about this.

The reason is I love BM. I love it as if it is my own daughter. Try having somebody making a bastard out of my daughter and tell me how you'd feel.


t a u f i k said...


heee may i borrow? it's classy! haha

safwan said...

use it as you wish...haha..