Monday, March 9, 2009

Entri yang ditulis dengan penuh rasa marah 2

Totally unrelated to Entri yang ditulis dengan penuh perasaan marah 1.

When something totally wrong in any religion and everybody's moral compass happens in front of you, what do you do?

A) Take matters into your own hands and correct it.

B) Ignore it, but vows to yourself that you'll never do the same thing towards others

C) Put your hands in the air and wave it like you just don't care


I, along with my brother Nazim, his family and Hafiz (my younger brother) just had our dinner outside.

So after dinner, we went back home and parked the car. At the parking lot of my brother's apartment, we saw an ugly sight.

A young man, a bit younger than me, was manhandling a woman.

At first, it seemed like it was like a couple's quarrel. Though some physical contacts as in the guy grabbed her hand and forced her to go somewhere else happened, it seemed nothing serious.

However, shortly after that moment, I heard both of them throwing curse words to each other involving a pink animal with curly tail, and women's genital. The fight was not normal, I thought to myself.

I thought of stopping them, but was afraid of the possibility that the guy may be a member of a mafia or something. So, I didn't interfere.

We continued to walk and pretended like we didn't see anything. But after we were well out of earshot, we had a talk.

Me: Ish, Kak Yuni, Memang camni ke budak budak kat tempat ni?

Kak yuni: Ntah la. Anak siapa la nih. Ini baru first time Kak Yuni tengok budak budak buat camni. Ni budak Universiti X la ni.

Me: Huh. Wang dah tiga kali tengok lelaki pukul pukul perempuan kat tempat ni. Takut nak report je sebab takut dia ahli gengster.

Suddenly, we heard her scream.

She screamed SO LOUD at the top of her voice. It was as if her life was in danger or something.

Sadly, no one nearby in the mini mart even bothered to pay attention. Maybe it was a normal sight to them.

At that moment, I couldn't resist it any longer.

Fuck him if he is a gangster.

Fuck him if he will harm us or our belongings.

I'll be damned if something happened to her but I didn't lift a finger to protect her.

So I yelled, "WOOOIIIII!!!!"

And you know what that scum did?



My older brother Nazim and my younger brother Hafiz then rushed to the scene. I didn't dare to go there. I was too scared that he might identify my face and mobilize his gangs to rape me or something.

So they rushed to the scene, only to find that the woman managed to flee, and the man chasing after her. My brothers didn't go after them.

We went to our house, and saw a couple of the apartment's committee. Abang Nazim then reported the incident to them, and they rushed to the scene.

Hopefully everything is alright.


I felt bad.

I didn't even try with every strength I have to stop it from happening.

I was too concerned with my own safety rather than hers, when it was obvious that she was in even greater danger.


aina said...

omg.takutnye.ksian nye that grl.i hope she's alright.

and safwan,u did good.we need mre ppl like u in this world coz so many are ignorant and just plain selfish.

Diyana said...

Reminds me of an accident I had last year. A motorcycle hit my car and fell off. Dua2 salah. I shouldn't have turned and he should've slowed down. I tried to helped that guy and his bike up. I noticed no one helped. My friend who saw the whole thing ran all the way from the parking space in Cempaka to help us. Few months later, he complained on how people who were really near the accident site just looked only. Depan mata diorang some more! Oh well, at least we're all right and my friend helped.

At least you yelled at him. It gives the girl chance to run away from that creep. Hope she's okay.

Tips : Take up aikido or any martial arts. Muay Thai pun takpe gak. It does wonders, especially for your body. No diet required.

pokpih said...

sumo layak la :))

hajar::aisyah said...

u were brave, safwan. mmg tabik ar~

*i kecut2 tgk org gado

safwan said...

to aina:

*blush* thx..!

to diyana:

too lazy to work out. hahaha... joke2..insyaAllah, some time later..

to pih: ok gok. buleh org hempap mu dengan lagi sakit.

to hajar:

kalo gaduh laki ngan laki@pempuan ngan pempuan memang takkan campur sebb tu mostly sebab berebut pasangan hidup. tapi kalo lain jantina, tu cerita lain. kalo ikutkan memang tgh kecut gila.

helanistic.herneo said...

wait a sec,
are u rape-able?

Farzen Master said...

who the hell in their right mind would wanna rape safwan?!!!!

tnya plak soalan merapu herne ni....aiii

Ayda Abu Bakar said...
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Solitary Ace said...

you're tagged..


Jessica_Lyne said...

It took a lot of courage for that simple 'WOIIIIIII'. At least u didn't just stand there and act blind:)

safwan said...

to herne:

who knows...? you can't trust guys much these days...

to afiq:

the ones with the right mind wont rape me. it's the "wrong" ones.

to fiqah:

hehe..kalo rajin i buat...

to jessica:

nearly pissed while doing that..hahah