Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cute kah???

Actually, I have been tagged by Mumtaz a long time ago, but too lazy to do. But people have been tagging me the same tag left right and center, so I think I should do it.

1) Copy badge "2009 Cute's Blogger Award" at my blog .

2) Link/Tell something about the person who tagged you

3) Each blogger must state 10 facts about him/her before tagging others.

4) Tag another 5 blogger

5) Visit "the lucky 5" that you have tagged and leave a comment to say that you have tagged him/her.


Amek hang. Takde 2009, aku buat sendirik! wakakaka.

2) I have been tagged by four persons. mumtaz, hajar, afiqah, azie. should I write about all of them?? hmm... ahh what the heck..

Mumtaz = she's a girl I know during Pre Degree TESL at Kuantan. To tell you the truth, I dunno much about her. But I do know that if after Subuh prayer she is still feeling sleepy, she'd never go to sleep directly, but read Al Quran a page or two before going back to sleep.

Hajar = A girl like sponge. She can just absorb all the inappropriate things me and Jeng taught her. I feel somewhat guilty about that, though...

Afiqah = This is a statement tempah neraka. "Don't fuck with her coz she'll fuck you back twice as hard."

Azie = She has a nice voice. Would be surprised if she can't win a singing/Quran reciting competition.

3) Da facts:

1) I hate bugs. There was this one day when I was about to do my big business in the loo and I found a bug in the toilet floor, I held "it" for about two hours. Since that day, I think my @$$#o!e has grown bigger. Blame the bug.

2) Don't be surprised if you find me laughing out loud for no reason at all even in a silent room. That's my imagination working on overdrive. Happens all the time.

3) I never give a rat's fart about Malaysian politics. politics suck.

4) Subway sandwiches is my favorite. Italian bread, steak and cheese menu with BBQ and mayo. It's heaven on earth.

5) I have lived for almost 21 years but I only beat my 19 year old brother, Hafiz in chess only twice. And that included me taking back my moves. I lost count of how many times he pulverized my @$. In less than 20 minutes.

6) I like things as simple as possible.

7) I am in dire need of a female companion. Hahahhahaha.

8) I have a lot of nicknames. Safwan, Wan, Wang, Brother Bear, Bruda Bear, Bear, Papa Bear, Abang Leman, Weng, and my personal favorite, Wawang. Nazmi my two years old nephew calls me that.

9) I love fish but often succumb to chicken's temptation

10) I am a wuss. period.

4) List of tagged people

Dont wanna tag anybody.


hajar :: aisyah said...


i dun absorb~

really i dun..


Azie Nazri said...

dire need?
wooo sounds dangerous! Haha.

p/s: actually you WOULD be surprised if you hear me sing or ngaji. surprised in a bad way i mean. hahaha.