Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An evening at EON service center.

Last week, I sent out my car to be serviced at Eon Service center at section 24.

I went inside the office and told my car's problems to the service advisor.

I noticed that they had hired a new clerk.


While waiting for the repair dudes, I stayed in the office watching TV3 Indonesian drama. She was there too, along with a couple of off-duty repair dudes. I sat across her at a table, and the repair guys sat at a couple of chairs behind me.

Although I couldn't resist talking to her, I managed to keep it cool.

"Very suave, Mr Safwan," I told myself.

I guess she couldn't resist my charm coz after a while, she started to talk to me. I cracked a couple of jokes, and with the way we talked, one would think we are the best of friends. She was about the same age as me.

Unfortunately, one of the repair guys interrupted us and said,

Dude 1: Amboi... Kak.... Ngorat customer....

She: Biar la. Jeles! Tu kereta Waja kat belakang tu dok tunggu awak repair je tu.

Dude 1: Yela yela....

She: Biar je la dia tu... Orang jeles memang camtu. Hahaha.

So we picked up where we left off. After a while, she continued her work and I got a bit bored, so I whipped out my phone and started to play chess.

After a couple of moves, the phone managed to penetrate my defences and I was in trouble. I thought long and hard for the move.

This is how I will look like when I am thinking

However, my concentration was broken because as I was thinking, a repair guy came inside the office to get some equipment, and said this out loud.

Dude 2: Mak aih! Tenung customer tak nak lepas! Taste la tu!


She likes me! I KNEW IT!


Finally, I have moved up a notch! I was hit on by a person of the opposite sex! It used to be only me who flirt around with girls....!

I continued playing chess and ended up losing. At the same time, my car was done, so I paid for the services and she gave me the milage sticker.

When I was about to stick the sticker at my car's mirror, I discovered a telephone number was written at the back of the sticker!

She can't get enough of me...!

So I drove back home swelling with pride. I felt so elated.

When I reached home, I gave it a hard thought on whether I should try to call the number up.
In the end, I braved myself and called the number.

But the voice on the other end wasn't hers.

It was a man. I dunno who he was.

Me: Hello?

Him: Hello. Ni sapa ni?

Me:[Surprised to be answered by a man] Erm......... Errrmmmmmm...ERRRMMMMMMMMMM.... Ni Shah ke?

Him: Shah mana plak ni...... Salah nombor arr brader.

Me: O.. Ye ke... Sorry eh....


I must be nuts.

And to think I was actually hot enough to get hit on by a girl...?


Note to self: Jangan perasan! She was being friendly coz she was paid to do so!


Indescentdecendant said...

kenapa syah(a possible name) tu tinggalkn nombor kt ko....
die taste kt ko agaknye

S.H.A.Z.A. said...

haha..kelakar gler!! u kn0w u g0t a very interesting way 0f telling s0mething, d0n't cha? hahaha!!

safwan said...

to jeng: shit.jgn weh. aku tak rela..

to shaza: huhu...thx...

hajar::aisyah said...


p.a.n.a ★ ใกใ‚ƒใ‚“ said...

pasni ko service kat tpt same kan?
sti ko jmp pompuan dan mamat2 martabat rendah tu..
ape ko nk wat nant?

pastu kan..
ak rase kan..
shah tu pekerje eon tu..
yg tau ko ade dtg service aritu

Ayda Abu Bakar said...

dokleh blahhh~

Diyana said...

Moral of the story is : Milane sticker ada nombor orang yang patut dipanggil bila milage nak exceed.


Diyana said...

Milage. Sorry, typo.

pembebel yang setia ~ said...

equipment, takde s, will never ade s~

safwan said...

shit. tak perasan. nnt aku betulkan

aina said...

u vomit phones?hahahahhahahhahhahaahahhahahhahaha.nie tgkp kat class ke?and no one saw what u did?hahhahaha.no wonder u suka duduk blkg.

safwan said...

hahaha...tu la pasal i ske dok blakang...

bole wat keje2 merepek tak masuk akal....hahaha

the devil's tongue said...

the story was interesting, the moral was strong..but, a piece of advise, no hard feeling..women who work in car service, kdai handphone, jual ubat cuci muka, baik ngan mu sbb ade makne...xdenya nk lyn mu bruda..no hard feeling..and u deserve much better than a girl working in repair workshop...

sorry to all women in the world!