Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pointless things that I don't have to tell you but I want to anyway.

I have a tendency to give names to my possessions. Here are the who's what.

My Cactus - Kimberly

I got this cactus from Syamimi for my birthday. Come to think of it, I didn't give her any present for her birthday. Fuck. She must think I'm a jerk now.

"My Car" - Marina

Ok lah, it's my mom's car but I have a strong attachment to it. I was inspired by nothing. Thought it is a cool name so I gave it to my mom's car.

My handphone - Irfan

Most of you knew Irfan already. He's a good kid. But sometimes he's a pain in the ass. Lately he refuses to register missed calls. I noticed some of my friends claimed that they had been calling me for several times but when I checked, it did not register any missed calls. I even borrowed a phone to try miss calling Irfan. Still he refuses to register the intended miss call.

Though I've had Irfan since 2006, I just gave him his name last couple of months. I was inspired by a friend who got pissed off with me. He accompanied me on the day I went to buy Irfan, but I was so choosy. He later got pissed off with me and I ended up buying the phone I was checking out at that time.

My laptop - Buck Futter

Actually I just gave that name 2 minutes ago. I am so disappointed with that laptop. I had it since 2006 and it went coo coo earlier this semester. He refuses to boot. A technician said the connecting thingy of the RAM to the motherboard is loose causing the problem. Hard disk was also not stable coz it kept shutting down without warning. Only right speaker is functioning and a leaking battery is like a cherry on top of a shit pile.

My desktop - Amir Hamzah

After Buck Futter was outta service, I replaced him with a desktop. AMD Quad Core, 2 gig ram. My brother Hafiz and his friend Megat helped me to build Amir Hamzah from scratch. I told them a cheap and cheerful one would suffice. But since Hafiz said he may want to borrow my CPU if he wants to test a game, he insisted on creating a gaming spec PC.

I got the name Amir Hamzah from a text book I found at Popular Bookstore in Bukit Raja. I was alone at that time looking around the SPM book section. I saw a history reference book and flicked through it. I saw Amir Hamzah name in one of the Hikayats and was hooked by the name. Amir Hamzah. Woah. Sounds so cool right?

My Desktop speaker - Qasidah Nur Aisha

I came across the word Qasidah from a not so popular song in the 90's but I forgot the title. One thing's for sure, it has Qasidah word in it. A friend of mine told me Qasidah is also a name of one of Sadiq Segaraga's daughter in Tiga Abdul. Actually, in the first place I don't know what Qasidah means. A friend told me Qasidah is a type of Islamic poetry. Nur means light. Aisha means Happiness. Put them together it makes or "Poetry that bring lights and happiness". Or something like that. I kinda like it. It is the only thing that I own that I really gave much thought to name it.

Did you honestly read this post? God, you must be bored as hell.


z a w a n i b a d r i said...

my ipod name=baby nevaeh, backward spelling of heaven :) x igt sapa ntah letak nama anak dia mcm tue kat tv ;) and it kinda cool ;)

thinking of naming my lappy eden ;)

fitriah said...

amir hamzah? haha. comel.

tujoh lobang said...

aku tau ko bengang ngan laptop ko. sabar brader, sabar....

weh Irfan tu ganti lain la weii...hehe..

Nadirah said...

Okeh nama2 anak siap!!

Bini Next!

Come3... ;p

*cool gila kot klu nama anak kimberly, always dress her in pink ok...i likee~ :D

safwan said...

to wani:

aku dulu pernah ada cikgu american ngaja kat skolah aku utk program apa tah. dia pregnant. Dia nak bagi nama anak dia Ethan. Bunyi dekat2 ngan Eden. aku sajes bagi nama anak dia Firdaus kalo laki. tatau la plak anak yg kuar tu bg nama apa.

aku sajes ko bg nama laptop kau Firdaus. Islamik sikit.

to fit:

huhuhu...thx... Rare kan?

to azli:

Ko sponsor takpe weh!

to nadirah:

Oh nama anak2 harus la lagi klasik dari ni. skang tgh perah otak nama2 rare.

axer713 said...

barang2 lain x dak name ke...???

serius aku ngah bosan tahap gaban...

safwan said...

To azli, adil ngan nadhirah:

Korang jangan bagitau azim nama benda tu! malu aku nnt weh!

tujoh lobang said...

haha benda yang mana satu weh? :P

p.a.n.a ★ ใกใ‚ƒใ‚“ said...

ada tak kau cuba berborak dengan diorang?
atau menepuk2 dahi diorang, suruh diorang mendengar cakap kau?

safwan said...

To Azli:

Huhhuhuhu.... Nasib baik ko da lupa benda lagi satu tu.... jangan ckp kalo ko ingat!

to pana:

Slalu berlaku kat Buck Futter. dia meragam je aku tempeleng.

HEROICzero said...


safwan said...

to adil:

paku dulang paku serpih, kata org awak lebih.

HEROICzero said...

aku x kisah pape duh, tp.. irfan.. dari dulu lg aku masih x boleh nak terima.. eeuu~??

axer713 said...

benda ape weh...??? cite ah... jgn la sorok2 plak...