Sunday, November 22, 2009

Obviously meaningless post.

It's 12 midnight.

At my brother's place.

Nazmi absolutely refuses to sleep, screaming for pizza.


I turned on the tv, but nobody's watching. Nujum Pak Belalang is airing. God knows how many times I have watched this classic, but it never failed to give me a giggle or two.


Been reading my previous posts.

To tell you the truth, I don't like them. It's friggin depressing that a dead man will die again from boredom.

The reason being the lack of update is because I haven't had the slightest mood to update Slip of Tongue.

Even if I did update this blog, it is mostly about depressing stuff. Things happened and for some reason, I forgot to do the thing that always keeps my emotions in check which is writing in this blog. Writing is indeed therapeutic. Beats seeing a counselor.

Now, I think I have had enough of being depressed. I also think that I have bored people who follow this blog long enough with my unstable raging emotions.

Happy Slip of Tongue will resume after this post. :)


HEROICzero said...

bez ape bace kesengsaraan dan
ke-jiwa-kacau-an ko... =)

Ibrahim said...

I thought a Counseling students are not stress as they've learnt the techniques to deal with it. Keep updating, the more depressed the posts get, the more exciting reading is.

hajar :: aisyah said...

being depressed is part of human nature. its ok safwan..

and i cant wait for ur happy posts

axer713 said...

sengsara dlm blog x pe... jgn ko sengsara kan hidup org lain dah la... hahaha...

safwan said...

to adil: tak guna nye member... ko suke tgk aku dlm kesedihan... chis....

to ibrahim: Sometimes we counseling students get stressed out from listening to other people's stress. it is contagious.

to hajar: If only I have my memory card reader with me... I would update this instant.

to azim: betul. aku still sengsara tgk spek ko dalam gambar ni. bila ko nak ilangkan kesengsaraan aku?

araseli with powerful eyes said...

aku sokong adil!! hehe :P

Nadirah oi cuti ko nk hbs phm x! said...

Aku rasa post kali ni yg plg sedih ar.

Alahai sedihnya baca.

Chill la babe, x sronok ar hidup x stress. Stress itu eksperimen hidup yg x menjadi, bole wat pengajaran utk kitorg sume + u ;p

Tapi aku makin depress sbb cuti dh nk habis...gagagaga