Monday, August 24, 2009

Why I was traumatized by listening to the songs on my handphone.

A couple of days back, while I was daydreaming, I remembered I haven't washed my shirts for more than a week. So I decided to wash them and listened to the songs on my handphone.

Repeat: Off

Shuffle: on

Volume: to the max.

The first song that came out from the playlist was Kci n Jojo - All my life

It must be the lyrics that made me decided to tell her about my feelings.

All my life, I've prayed for someone like you
And I hope that you feel the same way like me too,
Yes I pray that you do love me too~

It took years to muster all the courage to tell her that. I was afraid to ruin what we had. But decided to tell her anyways the next day.

Just for the fun of it, I asked my handphone "What would happen tomorrow? Will she reject me?" and then I pressed Next.

Kanye West - Heartless popped out.

In the night I hear'em talk,
The coldest story ever told
Somewhere far along this road he lost his soul
to a woman so heartless...

Owh shit. For real? This ain't right. No! Next song would be "it"!

The Script - The man who can't be moved.

Some try to hand me money but they dont understand,
I'm not broke but I'm just a brokenhearted man,
I know it makes no sense, but what else can I do,
How can I move on when I've been in love with you.

Aww man, are you serious? Does that mean I'm gonna get turned down by her, but I'll still have feelings for her?

Man, this blows. Then what would happen to me?

Matt Costa - Mr. Pitiful

Oh Mr. Pit, Mr. Pit, Mr. Pitiful,
Who let you down?
Who let you down?
Who let you down?
I'm gonna be pitiful...? Damn, takkan la aku langsung takda happy kot?

Britney Spears - Phonography

Let's talk about biology
make believe you're next to me
phonography phonography
talk that sexy talk to me

Better make sure that the line is clean
make it confidential you and me
phonography phonography
dirty talkin call it democracy

It was then I realized how silly I have been. Asking my handphone about the future? Macam haram....

The next day, I told her about my feelings. She turned me down. Kanye's prediction came true.

Though she turned me down, we are still friends (hopefully). But still, you don't just forget those years of keeping all that feelings bottled up. It lingers on for a while. Much like The Script's song.

Right after she turned me down, I was in a very pitiful state. I called Hajar to tell her about this. She listened to me patiently and gave me some advices. Thanks Hajar. But that means it's strike three. Three songs that predicted the outcome came true. Now that my pitiful-ness has gone, I don't know whether the fourth song will came true.

I'm still waiting for a biology teacher to call me up and talk sexy.....


qieynah said...

i think God has the answer, He gives u the hint through ur fon!! Sumtimes we don realize much about the truth of technology. u r leading a very pathetic life bear, just admit it... like syaithoonn nirrojimmmm

Azie Nazri said...

Tried solat istikharah yet?


And the calling Hajar part. hehehehe that was really cute. :))

safwan said...

to kinah: i live a pathetic life, yes, but the best part is when i make lemonades of the lemons it throws at me. (not that i drink it during fasting time, of course)

who's the syaiton? u? hahaha.....

to azie: that one i haven't tried yet. dunno how to solat istikharah. hahaha...

thanks... hajar was one of the people who encouraged me to tell her.

safwan said...
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Diyana said...

I tabik kat you Safwan. At least you have the guts to tell her.

I don't really have guts to tell the guy that I like that I like him. He found out cause his friend blabbed to him, which I'm glad he did. We're still friends. He still talks and occassionally annoys me.

He didn't really turn me diown. Now, he found himself someone else so INDIRECTLY, he turned me down.

The weird part is that, I didn't feel that sad when I found out. Is it because he's my friend and I'm happy that he's happy or is it because when I found out, I was trying to get over him?

Nur Nadirah said...

Although u r always cuckoo in the head, i gotta hand it to u, having guts to pour out ur heart n soul to someone u love is definitely one of ur best qualities. Honestly n no doubt about it *pat on shoulder* ;D

I think this is all a part of Allah's test on u, to test u on up to what degree u put Allah in ur love life, seriously. Frm wad i can see u've been in ups n downs in tis whole "falling for someone scenarios"

Bkn pmpn yg ko syg tu yg bg ko bahagia tp Allah, He's juz using her as a tool for ur happiness tu je, papehal sume dtg dr Dia igt tu. Allah nk test yg ko ni igt Dia x bile ko jatuh cinta dgn pmpn tu, mn hlg Allah ble ko slalu tbayang2kn pmpn tu dlm mimpi, mn ko ltk Allah ble ko btl2 sygkn pmpn tu, mn pegi Allah ble ko dh kne turned down dgn pmpn tu...WHERE DID U PUT ALLAH?

Sebab tu org zmn skg ble bcinta cepat broken hearted n luka tlalu dalam smpi jd parut teruk. Cmne Allah nk jaga hati kte klu kte sndri x igt kt Dia. Rasa cinta itu ciptaan Allah Maha Penyayang,mn pegi terima kasih kte kpd Allah sbb tiupkn rasa cinta yg terlalu indah nikmatnya dlm hati2 manusia?

Jd pasni klu ko rsa dh jmp pmpn yg agk2 elok wat bini tu u go bck to Allah make solat istikharah ke ape ke etc. Papehal go bck to Allah 1st. Lg 1 ko kne tny sndri...ko kapel utk ape, klu takat syok kt pmpn tu, x nk rsa lonely n xde hasrat nk kawen...sungguh x berwawasan dowh! BE A MAN LAH, RESPONSIBLE SKET!!! ;p

May Allah grant u a spouse who is well equipped with great iman and taqwa, and may Allah be pleased with the love that will embrace among u both.. Ameen ;D

ps: sory la weh ak x reply msg2 ko, ak jenis ble tgh bz msg x layan n ble dh free tlupa nk im totally free bcoz im temporarily a uni drop out ngahahaha..xde la ak leave of absence for 1 sem..long story hehe. Catch ya later ;)

safwan said...

to diyana:

I dunno how to answer your question...maybe we can talk about it somewhere else..

to nadhirah:

thx sbb ingatkan aku yg lupa...

nanti bila aku call ko aku cite pasal ni panjang2. jangan nangis lak pastu. sedih citer ni.