Sunday, August 30, 2009

Forgotten picture 2

I don't know what is it with me. I seem to always take pictures, and forgot all about it the next day.

Actually, I've been meaning to post this long ago, but forgot.


Last month, when I was checking out magazines in a mamak shop in section 17, Shah Alam, I saw this Doraemon comic.

Kids nowadays.

Not only they have internet at their fingertips, they even have comic books to aid their study. For a moment, I was quite jealous with them. Back in those days when I took Biology for SPM, I had to work my brain so hard to keep it alert when reading textbooks, while they can laugh at Nobita's stupidity while learning blood circulation system. That ain't bloody fair. But the jealousy didn't last long..

Coz I spotted this on the cover.



Has Malay language vocabulary become that limited?

Why oh why??????

Why can't they just put "Komik Pendidikan" or "Komik Sambil Belajar" or something? They carry the same meaning for crying out loud.


I have a feeling that the reader of the comic can improve his Biology SPM paper at the cost of his Bahasa Melayu score.


Ms. Sleepyhead said...

LOL~ wish we had our courses on a comic book~ maybe we can easily remember it..huhu..

Diyana said...

Edukasi? Eww!!! I prefer pendidikan.

It's like using apresiasi when we have penghargaan.

I'd rather call it Malam Penghargaan than Malam Apresiasi and Komik Pendidikan / Komik sambil belajar rather than komik edukasi.

It just doesn't sit well with me.

p.a.n.a ★ ใกใ‚ƒใ‚“ said...

ke sbb publisher, writer die dr indon?
dior suke translate buku2 ni..
mesia je yg lembap badak..