Sunday, January 30, 2011

Final entry

I've given this long and hard thought, and I think that this is what I should have done long ago.

As of now, Slip Of Tongue is shut down for good.

delete it from your bookmarks.

unlink my blog from your blog lists.

This is the final post.

To those who has stuck with it through thick and thin, I can only offer you my sincerest gratitude.

Until we meet again,



Ibrahim Ismail said...

*sob sob sob
Thank you for making my day a day, and my night a night. Until we see each other again 'Slip of tongue'!

Aziz said...

Is this for real?

Believe me u gonna regret this later. hahaha.come on, there's no need to be so emotional.
One of these days when you feel like pouring something out, u gonna need this blog. Hoho.

hajar :: aisyah said...

eh, xde angin xde ribut.. dah final??

pe kes~?

Aziz said...

Hajar, kan hari ni hujan non-stop.

hajar :: aisyah said...

owh. so adakah dia telah emo satu hari dan menangis tidak henti2..?

whoa. what did u do to him??

Anonymous said...

please dont.

Anonymous said...

Jangan la bro. saya selalu lepak cni~


HEROICzero said...

oh fuck! come on man!!!!!

Anonymous said...

macam gimik facebook nk kne shut down je. nak tgk brape byk org kisah pasal ko ke. x elok buat org cmtu...jangan la yanggg..i pay u! ohho

Anonymous said...

Last time he faked his birthday. Now the blog turnoff.

S.H.A.Z.A. said...

aaaa...bkk blk! bkk blk!!!

tujoh lobang said...

maybe one day you wanna write again. who knows? hehe :P

Vilve said...

so sad :(