Wednesday, September 1, 2010

To all of you.

I don't think my mind is healthy enough.
I don't know why, but I feel like I wanna love somebody.

Not make it, but you know, love

Be nice to her, swoon her a bit, talk nonsense, share stuff, you know, what people in love do and all.

But I ain't got anybody to do all of the above.

So here's to you.

Whoever you are,

Wherever you are,

Whatever you do for a living,

How you look, how you dress, how you talk,

Know that I don't care about them coz I love you.

And my prayers go to you, wishing you all the best in whatever you do.


z a w a n i b a d r i said...

sweetnye :)

axer713 said...

ni btol dah bersedia utk mencintai ni... hahaha...

HEROICzero said...

bagus begitu.

biar apa pun.

terima se-ada-nya.

itu lah kebahagiaan sebenar.


Selamat Hari Raya.



tak lupa juga.


Kalau lah ada.

Sekian. =)


Ophelia said...

Hi Safwan just want to say that the time will come when you will meet the dream girl of your life. Enjoy your life and meet and make alot of friends and one day you will meet someone who will love you for being just you. It is always about the right time. Dont worry your time will come and when it does, you will feel that you were born for just that person and when you do, treasure and love her. I wish you all the very best. God bless you and your family.